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Welcome to EMP PVC (PVT) LTD

EMP PVC is one of the major companies who is manufacturing PVC, PE, ABS polymer products in Sri Lanka. and specialized in Pipes, Conduits, Pipe Fittings and accessories.Equipped with modern machinery and equipment to maintain the product standards very precisely.EMP PVC is using high quality raw materials which are formulated and manufactured by worlds largest manufacturers and also imported from countries like Japan, France and Germany.

EMP PVC always assuers the product quality and safety as per the international standards and all products are made from food grade materials considering the health factors of their customers.EMP PVC has a well trained and experienced staff at all levels of its production process to control the process parameters as per the precision standards which are maintained by the company in respect of quality assurance.Company has a capacity of 300MT of plastic(polymer) output per month.